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Hello! I'm Anneke (pronounced Annika), the Mumma behind Solcasa Bowhemian. 
Everything you see is thoughtfully designed and hand made by me in my home in Scarborough, QLD. I am so excited to be able to share my handmade pieces with you and your little rays of sunshine. 
One of my biggest values within this brand is to support other small Aussie businesses. From fabric, to labels & everything in between, 100% of what I use for my business is strictly sourced within Australia. So by supporting me, you are supporting a whole supply chain of other Australian small businesses, This is certainly something that makes Solcasa Bowhemian different and endeavours to create a more sustainable and ethical range of clothing & accessories.
The idea for Solcasa Bowhemian came about after I had my first baby girl in June of 2021 which is roughly when my obsession for adorable baby turbans and big baby bows began.  I struggled to find baby turbans that actually fit my newborn baby, everything I bought was always too big for her tiny head. I love being creative and I figured that after dancing almost my whole life, I had a lot of experience in sewing costumes and ballet shoe ribbons going to waste (My mum as amazing as she is, was hopeless at sewing so I had to learn how to do it myself)... 
So I decided to put these skills to good use and make my own turbans and baby accessories for my darling little girl... and why not share them with the rest of Australia and start a little side hustle? As well as figuring this motherhood thing out. Easy peezy right!?
I'm all about the boho style and coastal, beachy vibes which I try to reflect in my products.

What does Solcasa Bowhemian mean? In Latin Sol = sun & Casa = House. So ‘House of the Sun’ and Bowhemian to reflect said love of boho vibes but with a fun play on the use of Bow!


 I hope that you find something that you love here and enjoy supporting my small business.